Course Request Form

To request to take a course in the MPCS, please complete: 
non-MPCS Student Course Request form

Students must take the required placement exam for the class they are requesting to register. Students are only allowed to take each of the exams once. Additional information about the exams and study materials will be given to students when they submit the Course Request form. For more information about placement exams, see here.

The Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS) may permit the registration of non-MPCS students into some of the classes in our program. All requests to take classes in the Masters Program in Computer Science must be submitted using the Course Request Form below. The form must be submitted by the last day of the registration period for the quarter of the class you wish to take. Requests sent after the registration period will not be considered. All information must be completed.

We do not allow non-MPCS students into the Immersion classes (MPCS 50101 Concepts of Programming and 50103 Math for Computer Science). For other MPCS courses space limitations apply. Many of the core classes typically fill with MPCS students and are not available for non-MPCS students. Evidence of prerequisites is required. Students must register for each class through their program of study. 

Approvals for registration will be given during the first week of the quarter.  Students will not be permitted to register for the class before approval is given from our office.  Seat availability is not accurately reflected on Class Search page.  We may adjust course limits based on enrollment of MPCS students, classroom availability and instructor preference.

Students not enrolled in a degree program at the University of Chicago may neither attend nor take a class in the Masters Program in Computer Science on any basis. Students enrolled at the University of Chicago in a graduate degree program or through the Graham School GSAL program are only permitted to take classes in the Masters Program in Computer Science with written approval from our office.  Please do not contact the instructor directly.  With approval, non-MPCS students may take a maximum of two (2) classes in the Masters Program in Computer Science.  Approval for more than two (2) courses will not be given. 

Please note:  The Masters Program in Computer Science does not offer an option to audit courses.  All students must be registered in any class that they are attending.