Adam Gerber, PhD


Lecturer, Masters Program in Computer Science

  • President, BROADREACH LLC


Courses (both past and present) include:

  • Java Programming
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Android Development
  • Full Stack Software Engineering

Adam Gerber is an AWS certified architect and developer associate, and president of BROADREACH, a systems integrator and developer of custom business software.  Adam is the author of Learn Android Studio (Apress 2015) which was the number one best-selling book among new releases in Mobile Computing on Adam has been teaching in the MPCS since Autumn of 2011. 

“The University of Chicago is an institution of rigorous academic research with a particularly strong physical sciences division. The CS Masters Program is unique among graduate programs in the physical sciences division insofar as it was chartered to support graduate students--many of whom are mid-career--who are interested in pursuing careers in industry. The faculty at the CS Masters Program are all accomplished professionals and as such they provide students with unrivaled networking opportunities. Much like the world of technology, the Masters Program is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its students.”

When asked of the advantages of receiving a master’s degree from the University of Chicago Master’s Program in Computer Science, Adam cited three. The first being the rigorous science education, the second is the job/internship networking opportunities available and, lastly, the active alumni network.

Young people who are attracted to engineering at the graduate level tend to be mavericks and leaders. They recognize that technology is a force multiplier, and that the right combination of technologies can be highly disruptive. Students in the MPCS will not only learn how to use technology, but will also learn how to recognize technology’s potential utility.

The dynamic nature of technology creates opportunities. Therefore, a software developer's resourcefulness and his ability to assess technologies are among his most important skills.  We will teach you how to integrate technologies, how to identify opportunities for creating innovative solutions, as well as how to be a resourceful researcher. 


  • Learn Android Studio - Build Android Apps Quickly and Effectively by Adam Gerber and Clifton Craig (Apress 2015)
  • Strategic Foresight: For Corporate and Regional Development (Unesco 2011) by Michel Godet, et al. (Contributor)
  • Creating Futures: Scenario Planning as a Strategic Management Tool by Michel Godet et al. (Economica 2006) (Contributor and Translator)
  • There is Always an Alternative by Ute Hélène von Reibnitz (Books on Demand 2010) (Translator)
  • Reason Has No Sell-by Date by Adam Gerber, Foresight September 2008


  • Advanced Android, Chicago Coders Conference July 2016 
  • The Law of Information Parity, Chicago Booth School, February 2013
  • Augmented Reality - Hype, Reality, and Potential, Chicago Booth School, July 2013
  • Technology and Human Values, Tallinn University, Estonia May 2007.
  • Scenario Planning Methods, London School of Economics, Sept 2006.


  • Ph.D. 2008 Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
  • MSc 2003 University of Houston
  • BFA 1993 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign