MPCS Faculty

Clinical Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jeff Cohen
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Founder, Purple Workshops, LLC    
  • Mark Shacklette
    Adjunct Professor
    President & CEO, Lake Shore MicroTech Group, Inc.
  • Andrew Siegel, PhD
    Adjunct Professor
    Senior Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Michael Spertus
    Adjunct Professor
    Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon


  • Trevor Austin
    Vice President of Engineering, Hologram Inc.
  • Lionel Barrow
    Director of Engineering, Tegus
  • Marty Billingsley
    Computer Science Teacher, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Kyle Chard, PhD
    Senior Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory & The University of Chicago
  • Hal Finkel, PhD
    Assistant Computational Scientist, Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory