Top Careers in Computer Science


Top Careers in Computer Science

Skills learned in the computer science field open up a wide range of career opportunities in many different industries. Careers in computer science vary from communication-heavy management roles to data-driven analyst positions, proving that there is something for everyone. However, demand and potential salary put 3 careers at the top of the list.

Software Engineer

Depending on skill level and years of experience, software engineering is a lucrative and rewarding career in computer science. It’s often the next step in a career path stemming from programming and software development. Higher level software engineers (senior or principal, for example) lead teams in developing, analyzing and maintaining systems such as websites, networks and databases.

A degree specialized in software engineering prepares you to do much more than just coding. Engineers must have applied skills in multiple programming languages plus above-average expertise in one. In addition, you must have analytical and mathematical skills to efficiently and logically solve problems.

These skills don’t come easily, no matter your background. A computer science masters degree (especially one with a concentration in software engineering) is more focused and higher level than any other path. You can pick your preferred programming language/OS (like Android applications or C++) and get better applied skills than other job candidates in as little as 2 years.

Mobile App Developer

This is by far one of the most iconic roles in the computer science boom. In fact, it seems like everyone and their cousin has made their own app. But a true professional mobile application developer does much more than crowdsource funding and logos.

Mobile app developers can work for themselves, agencies or corporations to create, test and maintain apps for various mobile platforms. With mobile becoming the norm in today’s world, there’s only more and more demand for high-quality apps that can only come from high-quality employees.

To earn the higher end of the salary range for this role, you need more advanced applied skills. It is important to be an expert, not just comfortable, in the major mobile operating systems, programming languages, and sometimes even design and UI. The right masters degree in computer science will give future app developers both the foundational and advanced skills they need.

Data Scientist

Big data has become a business buzzword for a reason. Advanced data analysts are the most adept to collect, organize, understand, and visualize data so that a business can make smart decisions with marketing and finances. With big data comes big responsibility.

A competitive data analyst needs more than analytical and mathematical skills, so it’s becoming more and more common for a masters to be required to move up in this career path. A computer science degree specialized in data analytics provides the applied skills needed to handle and interpret the data and lead teams at higher levels.

There are, of course, many more career options in computer science and many opportunities for candidates with high levels of education. Powerful companies seek out employees with computer science masters degrees from reputable programs for their most important and sought after roles.