12-Course Internship Requirements

The goal of the 12-course program's internship requirement is for students to graduate with real-world experience in the technologies they are learning and to build skills that are hard to develop in the classroom.

This requirement is usually fulfilled by doing a technology-oriented summer internship off-campus. This internship qualifies for degree based CPT. We will also accept certain alternatives, including research with a faculty member, part-time work on-campus, or supervised project work. These options need to be approved ahead of time. 

For internship credit towards the 12-Course Program requirements, please submit a completed  Internship Offer Form, OR a signed offer letter from your prospective employer, on letterhead stationary, giving your job title, and duties, the beginning and ending dates of employment, and an estimation of hours worked. It also must state the location of the employer. 

Any work that is going to be counted towards the internship requirement should meet the following requirements:

  • The amount of work should be, at least, 220 hours. This is the same as a half-time internship over the Summer quarter (11 weeks * 20 hr/week). We nonetheless encourage students to seek out opportunities equivalent to a full-time internships, as they will allow them to build their skill set more effectively before graduation.
  • The nature of the work must be technical in nature.
  • The work must be supervised. It must be possible for the MPCS to speak with your supervisor to verify that you have fulfilled the requirements of the internship requirement. Self-guided work is not acceptable.
  • If you are a part-time student, you may request to have your current job, or a separate project at work, count as the internship requirement for the 12-course program as long as the work being done will allow you to apply new skills you have learned in the MPCS. Approval for this will require a 1-2 paragraph statement submitted to masters-admin@cs.uchicago.edu about the nature of your work, how you will be applying the skills learned in your classes and how the work you will be doing will further your learning in your chosen specialization.