Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Masters Program in Computer Science at the University of Chicago!

Our mission is to provide students a deep foundation in computer science and the essentials skills required for a successful career in technology. Our rigorous curriculum covers theory, programming, and applications. Graduates of the MPCS are in demand by top companies for their ability to contribute immediately in technically challenging roles as well as to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving technologies.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward: we strive to offer a personalized, flexible, challenging, and rewarding graduate program that covers the essentials of contemporary applied computer science. In doing so, we emphasize the enduring foundations of the field and adhere to a pragmatic style of instruction - blending the best of the art and the science of computing.

Our coursework represents a realistic balance between the foundation courses (e.g. programming languages, algorithms, databases, computer systems, etc.) and the applied courses (e.g. application development, machine learning, data analytics, etc.). We challenge our students to think creatively by enhancing the learning experience with technical projects.

Our distinguished faculty in the Masters Program in Computer Science are business professionals, entrepreneurs, scholars, and industry experts. Students have numerous opportunities to interact with and learn from our faculty, both within and beyond the computer science program.

As a graduate student at one of the world’s premier universities, you will be a member of a unique and distinguished intellectual community and enjoy the many benefits of academic life that the University of Chicago offers.

A masters in computer science degree will signify to the industry your deep understanding of the foundations of applied computing and will attest to your new and critical skills in the evolving field of technology.

We live in an undeniably technology-driven world where in-depth technical knowledge, advanced skills, and forward-thinking philosophies are essential for taking your career to the next level.

We hope that you will consider our graduate program for your studies and we look forward to welcoming you to our community!