Concepts of Programming/MPCS 50101

MPCS 50101: Concepts of Programming is an introductory programming course offered in both the Summer and Winter quarters. The goal of this course is to give a solid foundation in programming to students without any previous background. This class will prepare you to take core classes in the MPCS.

Course Description and Syllabus

Programming topics covered in MPCS 50101: 

  • Data types (native and derived)
  • Operators, precedence, and expressions
  • Assignment and statements
  • Control flow (conditionals and iteration)
  • Functions, return types, and parameters
  • Recursion
  • Console and file I/O

If you have a programming background that covers this material, you should take the programming placement exam at the start of your studies in the MPCS and start the program with core classes. Please view the study materials for additional information on the exam and material covered.

Placement exam study materials:
Programming Study Materials