Fast Facts

Fast Facts about the Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS)

  • All MPCS classes meet on the University of Chicago's main campus in Hyde Park.
  • Core classes are offered during the day for full-time students and in the evening for part-time students. All elective classes meet once a week @ 5:30-8:30 p.m.
  • Small class size:  Core Courses 40+ students; electives 20 students
  • 310 active MPCS students 

Student Body Demographics 

  • 75% Full-time (taking 3 classes/quarter); 25% Part-time (taking 1-2 classes/quarter); 
  • 35% Female students
  • 55% International students
  • 40% have undergraduate CS major or minor degrees
  • 30% have no previous CS background
  • Average of 5+ years of work experience; 25% straight from undergrad
  • 15% have other graduate degrees (MBA, MS/PhD in Fin Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc)
  • Average Student Age: 26
  • Program Retention Rate: 95%
  • Full time students can complete the 9-course degree in 1 year; Part-time students usually finish within 18 months to 2 years.
  • Average GRE scores for admitted students: upper 20th percentile in the quantitative section and upper 50th percentile in the verbal section 
  • 60% of graduates are employed in software development/engineering; other areas with significant alumni are technology product management, FinTech, data analysis and research.
  • Over 60% of our alumni work in technology companies, 25% are in finance/trading companies, with others mainly in research organizations/universities, healthcare and technology consulting.
  • 50% of our Full-Time Program graduates are employed on the West Coast, 15% on the East Coast, 30% stay in Chicago, and the rest take jobs outside of the United States.  
  • 70% of our Part-Time Program graduates stay in Chicago, with 20% of our students heading to the West Coast or the East Coast, and the rest  take jobs outside of the United States.