GRE/GMAT Requirement

Official GRE or GMAT scores are required for all applications to the MPCS. Official GRE or GMAT scores have not been waived due to covid-19. 

Admission to the MPCS is highly competitive, and GRE/GMAT scores are an essential part of our application evaluation. We use the GRE/GMAT scores to help us determine an applicant's ability to manage the academic rigor of the MPCS program, specifically in terms of its quantitative coursework. We use these scores in combination with previous academic coursework and any professional experience to review applications holistically.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ETS is offering the GRE at home. You can read more here to see if you are eligible to take the GRE at home. The GMAT is also being offered online, and you can find more information here