Intro to Programming and Math for CS

Admitted MPCS students without a background in programming and/or Discrete Math should plan to start the program with one or both of these classes. Intro to Programming and Math for CS are available to any admitted MPCS student. 

The two immersion classes are:

These fast-paced, rigorous, introductory classes will provide solid fundamentals in programming and discrete math to prepare students for classes in the MS in Computer Science program.

Each immersion course is one quarter long. Part-time students should take one course at a time, full-time students can take them together. The workload in both of these classes is high. Full-time students taking both immersion classes will add a quarter of study to the time it takes to complete the program. Most full-time students who begin in the Autumn quarter will complete the 12-Course program in 18 months, including internship. Immersion Courses do not count towards the MPCS Degree requirements. 

Immersion classes are for admitted MPCS students only. Immersion classes can be taken either full-time or part-time. Classes are offered in the evenings in Hyde Park to accommodate working professionals.

Successful completion of the CS Immersion courses allows students to directly enter the MS in Computer Science program.