Information Security

Now that our personal data and secrets are stored digitally online, it is absolutely critical to protect such information.  The Information Security specialization comprises courses that cover today’s most relevant topics in Information Security.  Introduction to Computer Security (MPCS 56511) is a survey course that introduces the most fundamental security concepts.  In addition to being a mandatory course in the specialization, MPCS 56511 should have broad appeal to the general MPCS student population.  Application Security (MPCS 56512) covers how to build secure applications and exploit vulnerabilities in insecure applications.  Network Security (MPCS 565XX) covers the network protocols used for secure communications as well as the tools used to protect network infrastructure.  Applied Cryptography (MPCS 56530) covers both theoretical and practical aspects of modern cryptography.

Information Security continues to be a growing field as organizations increase their investment in Infosec.  Students completing this specialization will be prepared to pursue careers as application security engineers, infrastructure security engineers, security analysts, and security consultants.  Also, students completing this specialization with plans to continue their studies in a doctoral program will have a solid foundation to pursue advanced research topics in security.

Information Security

Students in this specialization must fulfill the following requirements:

Requirement SEC-1
Take the following class:

MPCS 56511 -  Introduction to Computer Security

Requirement SEC-2
Take two of the following:

  • MPCS 56512 - Application Security
  • MPCS 56530 - Applied Cryptography
  • MPCS 54020 - Network Security

Recommended Core Classes

  • Core Programming
    • MPCS 51040 - C Programming
    • MPCS 51100 - Advanced Programming
  • Core Systems
    • MPCS 52011 - Introduction to Computer Systems
    • MPCS 52015 - Advanced Computer Systems
    • MPCS 52010 - Computer Architecture
    • MPCS 52030 - Operating Systems
    • MPCS 54001 - Networks

Recommended Electives

  • MPCS 52553 - Web Development