Joint MBA / MPCS Program

The Joint MBA/MPCS Program is a joint degree program allowing students to earn both an MBA from the Booth School of Business and an MS in Computer Science from the Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS).

This joint program is intended to offer students the opportunity to combine a business and technology education leading to opportunities in technology product management, FinTech and entrepreneurship.

Important information about applying to the Joint MBA/MPCS program:

  • As a Joint MBA/MPCS student, you will be a student completing classes in both degree programs simultaniously. Your primary program of study will be the Booth School of Business. Tuition is assessed through Booth at Booth tuition rates. 
  • Admission to the Booth School of Business, according to their admissions deadlines and process, is required to apply to the MPCS as part of the Joint MBA/MPCS Program.
  • The MPCS application is only  for the MPCS portion of the degree. You must already be admitted to Booth or a current Booth student to apply.
  • Admissions are handled separately by each program.
  • If you are applying to the Joint MBA/MPCS program, you must select the Joint MBA/MPCS program of study in the MPCS applicaion. We do not allow transfers from our other programs of study to the Joint MBA/MPCS program. 
  • Admission to the Joint MBA/MPCS prorgam is for Autumn quarter only.  
  • If you are applying to be a full time student in the Joint MBA/MPCS program, you must apply and be accepted to BOTH programs BEFORE you begin your studies in either program. 

Joint MBS/MPCS Program Application Deadlines

As noted in the Application Deadlines, the Autumn 2022 deadline is May 9, 2022. Our application will open in late August/early September. We are not offering any other application deadlines for 2022.  

Read our Joint Program FAQs here to get all of your questions answered!

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