Jorge Guerra Schleske, Joint MBA/MPCS Class of 2020: “As a product manager, I sit at the intersection of business and technology."

The University of Chicago Masters Program in Computer Science students push boundaries and innovate across many facets of industry. Whether it’s developing seamless UX interfaces, engineering software at Fortune 500 companies, working in big data or keeping networks secure, our students use their applied-skills education from the MPCS to problem-solve, create, and elevate the computer science field. Learn from their stories and discover how a CS background can prepare you for cutting-edge internships.

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Jorge Guerra Schleske graduated from the Joint MBA/MPCS Program in 2020. He shares advice to those interested in enrolling in the Joint Program, and how it impacted his current position as a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon.

 What motivated you to apply and enroll in the Joint MBA/MPCS Program?

I knew I wanted to get an MBA given my career goals and immediate goal of becoming a technology product manager. I also wanted to explore other interests and passions during my time in school, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to enroll in the joint MBA/MPCS program. This program gave me the opportunity to take interesting courses and learn valuable skills to grow as a manager and technologist.

What was one of your most valued MPCS courses? Why?

Databases. It was a great course to dive into the theory behind database design and had particularly useful hands-on practice. No matter where you work, it is important to be able to get the data you need and being able to do so self-sufficiently is invaluable.

Based on your Graduated Student Survey Information, it looks like you started a new job at Amazon after graduating from the program in Spring 2020. Can you tell us about your new job, what your role is, and what your experience has been like so far? 

I am a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon on the Personalization team. As a product manager, I sit at the intersection of business and technology, helping drive the product strategy to solve customer problems and work with engineers and applied scientists to bring them to life.

How has your MPCS education helped you in your new role / helped you achieve your professional goals?

MPCS gave me the computer science foundation I need to be successful on the job. I work with applied scientists and engineers who are developing machine learning models and exploring new technologies. The deeper I can get into the product and the more tools I have at my disposal to be resourceful, the better off I am.

What is a piece of advice you’d give someone considering applying or enrolling in the Joint MBA/MPCS Program?

Think about why you are applying and what you hope to get out of the program. The program is not easy, so make sure you’re applying for the right reasons. If you think the courses are interesting and you are willing to make the commitment, then you should definitely apply!