Math for Computer Science/MPCS 50103

Unless you were an undergraduate CS or math major, you may not have covered the mathematical foundations necessary for a MS in CS program. This is what our Discrete Math class is for!

MPCS 50103: Math for Computer Science: Discrete Math 

  • Logic: propositional logic; quantifiers.
  • Mathematical reasoning: methods of proof, direct proof and indirect proof. Mathematical induction and strong induction.
  • Counting: methods of counting; permutations, combinations, binomial theorem, pigeonhole principle, inclusion-exclusion.
  • Discrete probability: discrete probability spaces; conditional probability and independence; Bernoulli trials, Bayes’s theorem, random variables and expected value; variance, geometric and binomial distributions.
  • Asymptotic notation.
  • Recurrences and methods of solving recurrences.
  • Graphs: simple graphs, isomorphism, paths, trees.
  • Modular arithmetic, divisibility, prime numbers; GCD and Euclid’s algorithm, Fermat’s little theorem.

Familiarity with sets, functions, and relations will be assumed.

If you have a mathematics background that covers this material, you should take the math placement exam at the start of your studies in the MPCS. Please view the study materials for additional information on the exam and material covered.

Placement exam study materials:
Discrete Math Study Materials