MPCS Faculty

Clinical Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jeff Cohen
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Founder, Purple Workshops, LLC    
  • Mark Shacklette
    Adjunct Professor
    President & CEO, Lake Shore MicroTech Group, Inc.
  • Andrew Siegel, PhD
    Adjunct Professor
    Senior Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Michael Spertus
    Adjunct Professor
    Fellow, VP, Symantec
  • Arlene Yetnikoff
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Director of Information Security, DePaul University    


  • Marty Billingsley
    Computer Science Teacher, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • William Conner, PhD
    Senior Security Engineer, Braintree    
  • Hal Finkel, PhD
    Assistant Computational Scientist, Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Nicholas Flees
    Software Engineer, Barksdale Trading Group, Lupo Futures    
  • Zach Freeman
    Technology Consultant for the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, DePaul University    
  • Adam Gerber, PhD
    Director of Technology, Mythic Mobile    
  • Dylan Hall, MBA
    Co-founder, Managing Partner, Persee Ventures
  • Dries Kimpe, PhD
    Senior Software Developer, KCG Holdings    
  • Kevin Krafthefer
    Senior Director of Product Management, Ray Allen, Inc.    
  • Anoop Mayampurath, PhD
    Research Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
    Senior Statistician, Center for Research Informatics    
  • Nicholas Paredes
    Director of Experience, Vokal    
  • Paul Romano, PhD
    Computational Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory    
  • Lamont Samuels, PhD
    Main Developer, Tesel
    Lead Developer, LensIQ    
  • Adam Shaw, PhD
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science    
  • Vas Vasiliadis, MBA
    Director of Products Communication and Development, Computation Institute
    Chief Customer Officer, Globus   
  • Peter Vassilatos
    VP Software Engineering, MB Financial Bank