Programs of Study

The Masters Program in Computer Science offers four Programs of Study to accomodate students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests:

  • MS in Computer Science for those extending their computer science education and experience.
  • MS in Computer Science (with immersion) for those starting a career in technology.
    • We are very excited to offer a tailored program for those who have no background in computer science, programming or discrete math.
    • You may take Programming and Math prerequisite courses to prepare to join the MS in Computer Science program and complete it successfully.
    • We call this an “immersion” program into Computer Science.
  • Pre-Doctoral MS in Computer Science for those wanting to pursue research.
    • 12-course research-oriented masters program for students who want to explore computer science research. The Pre-Doc program is for full-time students with a CS background starting in the Autumn quarter.
  • Joint MBA/MPCS Program with the Booth School of Business for those looking to merge business and technology.
    • The Joint MBA/MPCS program meets today’s leading tech companies’ cross-functional demands of new employees. Technology permeates everything, and true innovation requires the ability to understand and navigate both business and technology. Our joint program with UChicago’s Booth School of Business enables students to earn both an MBA and an MS in Computer Science.

Visit our Prospective Students page to learn more about what you can expect as a candidate, or join one of our Info Sessions to get your questions answered.

To view a complete list of course offerings, please visit the MPCS Course Catalog.