Unix Bootcamp

2020 UNIX Bootcamp

TIME: 9:00 A.M. TO 4:30 PM


The Unix Bootcamp is recommended for all students in the MPCS who do not already have a background in Unix and did not take MPCS 50101 Concepts of Programming.

The UNIX Bootcamp will introduce you to the basics of using a UNIX operating system. In particular, we will be using the Ubuntu distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, which is installed on all the lab computers in the department. As such, it will be the primary platform for many of the courses you'll take in the MPCS.

In this bootcamp, we will focus on making sure that you are comfortable working in a UNIX environment, particularly through the UNIX command-line interface, or "shell". Besides covering the basics of a UNIX environment (filesystem, architecture, etc.), we will see a variety of tasks that can be done from the shell: filesystem manipulation, basic commands, text editing, etc. Although using a command-line interface may seem arcane at first, the UNIX shell is a powerful resource that any competent programmer must master.

The Unix Bootcamp will be taught by Ronald Rahaman.

There is a $50 administrative fee, no other tuition cost will be charged.  The administrative fee must be paid when you register. To register, please complete the Unix Bootcamp registration form.

If you have any questions about the bootcamp, please feel free to contact masters-admin@cs.uchicago.edu.